Graduating Westview High School senior Helen Jin puts the “A” in Amazing. She earned a 4.4 GPA in a demanding curriculum of AP and honors courses. In fact, virtually the only times Helen did not achieve an A in a class were the many times she received an A+.

Helen is an award-winning artist who exhibits and sells her work and assiduously strives to perfect her skills, as she does in everything she pursues. She is a gifted pianist who teaches piano, a clothing designer with a successful sideline business selling her apparel, and a perspicacious young adult who can see the beauty in science as well as nature. After observing the work of an oncologist at Scripps La Jolla Hospital of Radiology, Helen says she learned, “Radiation oncology is just as artistic as it is scientific. It’s something beautiful, something useful, something that can wipe away the bad from a human body, leaving behind healthy flesh. . .”

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