2011-Don-Diego-Scholarship-Recipient-Prithvi-Undavalli2011 Exhibitor, $5,000, MIT, Electrical Engineering/Computer Science

Step aside, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg: the new generation has arrived in the person of Prithvi Undavalli, whose computer work already has gone beyond what UCSD Assistant Professor Ross Walker says he has witnessed “of some top PhD candidates.” In addition to earning accolades such as “brilliant,” a “natural leader” and a “fast learner,” Prithvi is a successful entrepreneur who is creator-CEO of T-Tek Computer Repair.

He traces his interest in technology to a broken cellphone that he took apart as a young child. He combines this interest with a compassion for the less fortunate and has developed what he says is “a new wireless transmission infrastructure for FM communications devices that could be utilized in underdeveloped countries to transmit vital information.” Upon graduating from Torrey Pines High with a 3.98 GPA, Prithvi will take his considerable talents to MIT.